Attached Staff

Attached Staff

These are professionals who are employed by the Milton Keynes Primary Care Trust or by Milton Keynes General Hospital Trust but seconded to work with the practice. Our attached Health Visitors are qualified nurses with special training and experience in child health, health promotion and health education. The Health Visitor team is accessible to all of the practice population, but particularly to families with young children. Together with the doctors, they are responsible for Child Health Surveillance.

Community Midwives

The Midwives are employed by Milton Keynes General Hospital Trust but work in close association with the doctors in running the regular antenatal clinics at the surgery and in providing support and advice throughout pregnancy and the antenatal period.

Useful Contacts
Antenatal Day Assessment Unit: 01908 243939

District Nurses

The District Nursing team will provide nursing treatment for patients who are too ill or infirm to get to the surgery. Currently our patients are served by a team based at Walnut Tree Surgery.