Registering a Death during COVID19

Whilst Covid-19 is ongoing, if you need to register a death please see below:

  • The doctor will complete the Medical Certificate (MCCD) and send it electronically to the registrars. It is important they have the contact email address (and contact number) of the relative who will register the death so they are notified when they can book an appointment.

  • Once the registrars receive the MCCD and have checked that they can accept it, an email will be sent to the informant (relative) as above to invite them to book a telephone appointment to register the death.

  • The informant (relative) then clicks the link in the automated email to book the appointment or they can call 01908 372101 to book by phone if they wish; and to order and pay for any certificates.

  • Once the appointment is booked the informant (relative) will receive a confirmation email. They are asked to complete a pre-registration form which aids the registrar during the registration process – this is not the actual registration document.

  • The registrar will then call the informant at the appointment time to take the registration over the phone.

In a minority of instances, an informant (relative) may not have access to an email address. If this is the case the register office telephone number is: 01908 372101 so they are able to make an appointment directly.