Covid-19 Vaccinations

Here at MKVP we are partnering with 3 other local practices to offer vaccination to our patients. Some Clinics will be held at MKVP, but others will be at Central Milton Keynes Medical Centre. This is purely down to the numbers of staff needed, the availability of consulting space and the vaccine storage facilities.

We cannot tell you in advance which vaccine will be used. We have a weekly allocation and do not get to choose the vaccine or quantity. The delivery is also not at a specific time or day so we cannot book appointments until we are advised when the vaccine will arrive.

Please note: If you have had Covid you cannot be given the vaccination for at least 4 weeks.

Our invitations are being sent either as text messages or telephone calls to specific groups of patients. We will reach everyone, but ask that you have some patience as this is a mammoth task. Our telephone lines have the numbers automatically withheld, so please bear this in mind if you usually ignore this type of call. If we telephone you we will clearly identify ourselves as being from the practice. If we send you a message to ring and book, please do not ring at 08:00 as we are trying to deal with the people who need medical attention. We are only contacting people if we can accommodate them so you will not miss out.

To date we have invited all our patients aged 71+. If you are in this cohort and have not been vaccinated yet, but wish to be, please let us know. There will be a catch-up for those unable to have their vaccine yet, but this may not be for some time.

Our staff are organising and running these clinics over and above their usual work so please be kind to them. If they cannot answer your questions or offer an appointment when it’s convenient to you, it’s not their fault, they are all working to the best of their ability with the information provided to them.

Please stay at home as much as possible to keep yourselves safe.