Training Practice

We are an accredited training practice.

As part of the GP training programme, we undertake the training of GP Registrars. The Registrars are fully qualified and experienced in hospital medicine, and have chosen to specialise in General Practice.

We are able to accommodate up to two Registrars at various levels during their training programme. They work with us for a period of six or twelve months gaining experience in a wide range of medical problems together with learning about how General Practice works.

Dr Darren Moore and Dr Sarah Egan are the qualified trainers but the whole practice team support the training process.

Being a training practice is very popular with our patients who benefit from the extra appointment capacity and the additional skills and knowledge of both the trainer and the registrar.

We currently have 2 Registrars working in the practice. They are Dr Elliott O’Connor and Dr Rebekah Bloxham. Any patient wishing to consult with them can book an appointment in the usual way.

As part of the training program some consultations are video recorded. These recordings are held securely within the practice and the only people who have access to these are the trainee and trainer. Once these recordings are reviewed they are then erased. The purpose for the recordings is to help the trainee improve their consultation skills. If you have an appointment which falls into a clinic which is being recorded, you will be asked to give your permission by signing a consent form. If you do not wish your consultation to be recorded please let the reception team know.

  • Dr Rebekah Bloxham
  • Dr Elliot O’Connor